The project was developed by KIMO (Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation), an association of coastal local authorities whose goal is to eliminate pollution from the Northern Seas.

KIMO has 80 member authorities in eight countries, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. KIMO UK represents the network of authorities in the United Kingdom.

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Kommunenes Internasjonale Miljøorganisasjon (KIMO) was founded in Esbjerg, Denmark, in August 1990 to protect, preserve and enhance northern Europe’s oceans.

KIMO was founded by local municipalities with a shared concern for the state of the environment and is designed to give municipalities a political voice at the international level, to share best practice and to find solutions to marine problems.

KIMO has become a pioneering environmental force which has contributed to a steady reduction in marine pollution in Europe's seas. This momentum must be sustained to ensure our oceans remain healthy for the benefit of vulnerable sea-life and for the people who reside on our precious coastlines.

What we do

KIMO proactively lobbies government ministers to acknowledge and take action on the issues threatening our marine environment. High level contact between KIMO, European governments and international organisations ensures that proposed legislation is designed to practically improve Europe's marine environment.

KIMO promotes its experience, and highly-regarded research, to persuade ministers to tailor marine legislation to care for our oceans and protect coastal communities. For example, KIMO was involved as a key stakeholder in the development of EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. KIMO continues to work in close partnership with Europe’s most significant maritime organisations such as OSPAR, HELCOM and the EU to ensure legislation is environmentally compatible with our seas’ long-term sustainability.

KIMO also operates demonstrative projects, such as Fishing for Litter, to highlight the value of possible solutions to governments.

KIMO UK is one of KIMO’s National Networks and represents the UK’s member authorities on the KIMO International Board as well as carrying out activities at a local level.

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