10 Years of Fishing for Litter

KIMO UK's award winning Fishing for Litter initiative has celebrated 10 years of working with the fishing industry to help keep our seas safe and pollution free.

Set up as a project in 2005, after trialling as part of the Save the North Sea project, Fishing for Litter is now operated by KIMO UK in Scotland and the South West of England. Similar projects operate in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Holderness Coast and North Devon. All of these projects have joined KIMO UK's Fishing for Litter Coordinators' forum and share best practice and experiences to ensure we all get the best out of the effort of our fishermen and harbours.

To give you a flavour of what we have been doing, here is a summary of Fishing for Litter in Scotland during 2015.

Posted on: 21st January, 2016