Welcome to Fishing For Litter

This award winning initiative is a simple idea designed to reduce the amount of marine litter in our seas. Participating vessels are given hard wearing bags to collect marine litter that is caught in their nets as part of normal fishing activities.


Facts and figures:


Total number of tonnes of marine litter collected by Scottish and South West England member vessels


Harbours participating in Scotland and SW England


Number of vessels signed up to the scheme in Scotland and SW England



Fishing For Litter blog:

10 Years of Fishing for Litter

KIMO UK's award winning Fishing for Litter initiative has celebrated 10 years of working with the fishing industry to help keep our seas safe and pollution free. Since 2005, the initiative has seen the removal of more 1000 tonnes of marine litter and raised awareness of the issues it causes with 1000's of people.


Slains School pupils enlisted to help protect our sealife

Pupils at Slains Primary School had a visit last Thursday from ‘Freddie the Fulmar’ and heard all about how marine litter is harming our sealife. During the session, they heard how plastic breaks down in the sea into small pieces which last a long time and are easily mistaken by seabirds for food. Over 3 million seabirds, including 500,000 fulmars, visit Scotland to breed every year.


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